Best Solutions To Permanently Factory Unlock iPhone 5S

Andy has always wanted an iPhone. But as a college freshman who had to work to cover most expenses, and already saddled with student loans, it didn’t seem like the most practical buy. However, his roommate was willing to part with his iPhone 5S real cheap and Andy pounced on the deal. Two months later, he’s ready to chuck the smartphone out the window. He can’t switch to a cheaper provider, the phone is locked. He can’t download much of anything, either. Apple’s phone restrictions are suffocating. There’s only one solution. He needs to find an unlock iPhone 5S key. The only question is how to do it. Apple won’t really be willing to let him do it, right? He searched online for unlocking methods. He found A LOT. But he was wary of almost all of them. They all sound like scams out to take his money without any promise that the unlocking can be successfully done. He just wants to find a quick, easy and inexpensive way to unlock his iPhone. Why was it so hard?

Bad Unlocking Methods For Unlocking iPhone 5S / 5C

Andy is not alone in his predicament, unfortunately. There are thousands of iPhone users looking for the same iPhone 5S unlock procedure. And many of them are getting just as frustrated. There are just too many bad unlocking methods out there. Here are some of them, and why you’d best be wary of using them.

  1. Software Unlocking: This is the most common method you’ll find on the net. It’s advertised everywhere and anywhere iPhone-related. Need to an unlock iPhone 5S AT&T? There’s software for that. Need to unlock any other iPhone from any and all other carriers? There’s software for that, too.Don’t be fooled, though. Most of them are scams just out to get your credit card information. The software won’t even work most of the time and will brick your iPhone. And don’t expect to get your money back, either. Learn from the mistakes of others before you and do not fall for this trick.
  1. Hardware Unlocking: You know how people will buy those alternative SIM card trays, probably from China or some other country? Those trays are supposed to be inserted into the iPhone 5S with a new SIM card. What this does, basically, is alter the phone hardware. Truth be told, this method does work. But it’s got major drawbacks. It could take you weeks to get the tray once you order it, for one. Secondly, if you’re not familiar with how to do it, it can be difficult to put the tray in yourself. That means the risk of damaging your gadget is also higher. The last thing you want is to get the tray jammed and effectively render your iPhone useless. Lastly, it voids your Apple warranty.

So we’ve already covered the software unlock and the hardware unlock. Are you scratching your head now wondering what else is left, if there’s any? Thinking you just wasted your time? Don’t. There’s really one proven, safe way to unlock your iPhone 5S. And here it is.

The Easy, Safe and Permanent Way to Unlock iPhone 5S

Unlocking an iPhone 5S can be easy, permanent, safe and really fast. And this method is called a Network Unlock or an IMEI unlock. IMEI’s are sort of like iPhone registration numbers. There are a lot of reputable sites offering this particular service. This is how it works. You pay your chosen site for their know-how in accessing Apple’s global database. This database contains all the iPhone IMEI’s. You’re essentially paying to transfer your iPhone IMEI to the “white list” which allows you to use your phone with any network and any carrier you want. Once that’s done, you’d usually get an email confirmation that your phone can now be used on any network. iTunes will also display the message that your phone has been unlocked. What’s the biggest upside to IMEI unlocking? Your warranty remains intact, that’s what. So no, you don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars for your carrier to do it for you. You don’t need to part with sensitive credit card information to buy software that won’t even work. And you sure as heck don’t need to waste time and resources on SIM trays that could potentially damage your phone. All you need to do is find a reputable site to do the IMEI unlock and you’d be good to go.

Get Started Unlocking Your 5S iPhone

Like previously mentioned, you’d find A LOT of websites offering IMEI unlocking services. But you have to keep an eye out for the best ones. Here’s what you have to look for.

First and foremost, find a site with a user interface that you can understand and that’s easy to navigate. You might be getting some instructions about what you need to do. If their own website is difficult to use, how well do you honestly think you’ll understand their instructions? Once you’ve identified the service provider/site you want to deal with, check for the following:

  1. Safe
  2. Reputable
  3. With good customer service/support
  4. Provides proper unlock iPhone 5S series

How can you find out if the site is safe and reputable? Check reviews. You don’t want to part with your hard-earned cash for something that won’t deliver as promised. You might also have questions. And some of them might sound silly even to your own ears. It would be good if they have customer service people who can answer your queries and remain professional and polite while they do it. Of course, it’s a bonus if the site you pick has all the 4 above and offers the service at a cheap price, too. IMEI unlocking is a relatively fast process. Don’t be surprised to put in an order today and have things done by tomorrow. Unless they’re seriously backlogged, the entire things shouldn’t take more than 24-48 hours. It’s easy to do an unlock iPhone 5S. With IMEI unlocking, you get a safe and reliable method of doing it, without sacrificing your Apple warranty. Just be sure to make the right decision when you choose the professionals that will do it for you.

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The beginning and end of the iPhone unlocking era

Apple brought the concept of locking smart phones into the marketplace in order to appease the mobile carrier companies. Locking an iPhone meant that customers could only buy iPhone’s from the same companies that they accessed mobile services from. This has caused many problems which you are undoubtedly aware of.

To buy an iPhone, a person has to visit the shop of the mobile carrier company, do some paperwork and then pay for the new phone. Most mobile carrier services companies don’t make customers buy their new Apple smart phones outright. Instead, they offer them contracts for mobile services (text, email, data, etc.) and then bill them for their phones monthly in lower installments. As of late, the rules have been relaxed a lot. Apple has decided to offer smart phones which are “factory unlocked” to those who want them. The problem is that buying iPhone’s which are already unlocked is very expensive and most people cannot afford to buy a brand new unlocked iPhone 7 plus.

Nowadays, it’s possible to unlock iPhone’s without spending a bundle on a smart phone from Apple which is already unlocked. The most affordable way to unlock an existing iPhone is to seek out service providers which offer factory unlocking for iPhone’s. If you’re interested in factory unlocking your iPhone then it is important to choose a reputable and affordable provider, such as which has the highest reviews of any unlocking company.

Remember the many benefits of Unlocking

Before we talk about the benefits of unlocking iPhone’s via factory unlocking, we should stipulate that unlocking is not jailbreaking. No software is needed in order to unlock, in contrast to jailbreaking. With factory unlocking, the customer who wants his or her iPhone unlocked will find a provider company and then give the provider company the IMEI number of the iPhone. The company will then unlock the IMEI number within an official Apple database.

Once you’ve hired a company to unlocking your smart phone, you’ll be able to access all of the perks of being unlocked. The best service providers need only your IMEI number for your phone. They don’t need you to send in your smart phone or anything like that. Once you’ve paid for the service and provided the information, they’ll unlock your iPhone and this will allow you to obtain network carrier services from any company that you like, rather than being locked into a long contract with a company which may charge too much for its services.

The freedom to escape big mobile carrier service bills drives a lot of people to seek out factory iPhone unlocking. It’s really the key to enjoying lower monthly bills as well as a host of other benefits.

Apple has relaxed the rules, but it’s unlocked smart phones cost a lot more than locked designs. There is a way around spending that much money for an official Apple device which is unlocked. When you choose factory iPhone unlocking today, you’ll be one step closer to enjoying superb and safe unlocking for an affordable price. In fact, factory iPhone unlocking is really the most reasonably-priced option around and it carries none of the risks of jailbreaking.

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Factors To Consider When Choosing A Factory iPhone Unlocking Company

If you own an iPhone 5S, 6S, or 6 Plus locked to a specific network operator then you know how annoying it can be if you need to travel or find cheaper cell phone service. You can’t use the cheap data and text plans offered by your local service provider. Life becomes even more difficult when you travel abroad with your expensive locked iPhone. You should pay the huge roaming fees and you dread the idea of coming home to huge telephone bills for having fun in a foreign land. The best way to enjoy your iPhone is to factory unlocked it so that it is not controlled by AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint. With an unlocked phone, you can switch to network operators offering better deals. When you travel to another country, simply use a local prepaid SIM card and enjoy your iPhone.

Type of unlocking service

When you search on the internet on how to unlock your iPhone 5S or 6S, you can find numerous providers claiming to provide the best unlocking service for iPhone’s. Some of the providers even tempt you to mail your iPhone so that the necessary hardware changes can be made. Some other sites may claim that all you need to do is run their software and connect your iPhone to unlock it. However, the above methods are not legitimate unlocking methods. If you want the best unlocking service, you should choose a company who provides factory unlocking. To factory unlock your iPhone permanently on all carriers, you need to choose factory unlocking method.

Time taken to unlock

Using factory unlocking is the quickest way to unlock your iPhone. It will take only a few hours for a reputable company to add the IMEI number of your phone to the factory unlocked phones database maintained by Apple. Ideally, you should receive confirmation within a few hours of paying for the unlocking service. In some cases it may take up to two days when the supplier is ready to unlock a bulk of iPhone’s. If you have to wait for more than a few weeks for your iPhone to be fully unlocked, then you should understand that you have been scammed. It is all too common in this industry for users to get scammed out of their money which is why we suggest a proven company such as Unlock iPhone Den to get your iPhone unlocked safely and quickly.

Requirements for iOS and firmware updatesunlockiphone5sbest

When unlocking your 5S or 5C iPhone, you should not be restricted from upgrading or downgrading to iOS 9 firmware. Legitimate factory unlocking is permanent and it doesn’t depend on the type of iOS version or firmware you run on the phone. If the unlocking method requires your phone to operate on specific basebands and specific iOS version, then it means that you are stuck with that version forever.

Cost of unlock

Needless to say you don’t want to spend a lot of money for unlocking your phone or it completely negates the purpose and benefits of doing it in the first place. It will not cost much for a legitimate company to unlock the phone for you. If the unlocking provider claims different cost for different types of network operators, then it means that the service provider is using illegal ways to unlock the phone. You should never trust a very cheap unlock because your phone may get relocked without legitimate unlocking. Factory unlocking costs less and it is permanent so that you can use the phone with any GSM operator in any country.

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The Autonomy Of An iPhone 5S, 5C, 6S Unlock On iOS 9

Unlocking allows you to free your iPhone from network provider contracts. This will give you the freedom to use any GSM operator with your latest iPhone 5S and you can even choose prepaid plans to save money on phone bills. If you travel frequently, you can save a lot of money if you spend a little amount to unlock iPhone 5S first. Wherever you go, you can easily use a local SIM card with your iPhone 5S if you have an unlocked phone. On the internet, there are numerous unlocking methods and you should be careful with your choice.

Hardware unlocking is not safe anymore
In the past, those who wanted to unlock the iPhone used hardware unlocking method. This method is so outdated for the fact that prying open your iPhone 5C and trying to unlock it is not useful in any way. The factory iOS provided by Apple is essentially software lock and there is no need for you to open your phone. In fact you don’t have to part with your phone just to unlock it.

Software unlocking is not for everyone
Until recently, software unlocking was the most popular unlocking method for anyone interested in switching cell phone companies. When you search for how to get this done, you can find hundreds of websites claiming to help you to unlock the iPhone 5S on your own. This kind of software, such as ultrasn0w, redsn0w, and evasi0n, is not suitable for everyone because you need technical skills to use the software unlock. Moreover, this kind of unlock will void the warranty of your phone. Cell Phones unlocked using the aforementioned software method is often locked to the iOS 9 firmware and baseband on which they are unlocked. This means that you can’t update iOS version or the firmware unless the updated software is available.

Factory unlocking is the safest method for everyone to use
To unlock your 5S, you must choose the safest and most reliable unlocking method. The factory unlocking provided by the third party unlocking provider is the best option for anyone who doesn’t want to cause any damage to their phone. The best rated service to unlock iPhone’s 5, 5S, 6, or 6S is at To use factory unlocking, you don’t have to make changes to hardware or software. In fact, no effort is required on your part to unlock your iPhone. After paying for an unlocked 5S iPhone, simply wait for the message from the unlocking provider that your phone is unlocked. Once you get this message, connect your phone to iTunes and restore your iPhone to enjoy the features of an unlocked iPhone. The quality of factory unlock depends on the quality of the unlocking provider. If you are not careful in choosing the right unlocking provider, you will end up wasting your money. You need to choose a reliable provider because you have to disclose the IMEI number of your phone which is the unique identification number of your iPhone. Within a few hours the third party company will unlock iPhone 5S. However if the unlock doesn’t work for you, then you have to contact the customer service for support or to get a refund of your money.

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Steps For Unlocking iPhone 5S / 5C On AT&T, Verizon, Rogers, Telus, and more

If your contract with the carrier is still valid for a long time, and you need to change it, but avoid purchasing a new phone, then you might want to unlock your iPhone 5S. Since some carriers refuse to unlock phones from their network even after contract expired, many users try unlocking their iPhone 5C or 5S using jail break or some other method they find on the internet. If you need to install third party application on your iPhone or avoid limitations Apple sets for their users then you need to jailbreak it first, and then to unlock it in order to have full accessibility to any network or operator you want to. Unfortunately, this change is not permanent. As soon as Apple updates its firmware, phone will be locked again.

There are multiple reasons to unlock iPhone 5S and it many cases for many people it makes the most sense. We’ve all had problems with our cell phone providers before and whether it’s lousy coverage or customer support, sometimes we just need a change. The problem is spending hundreds of dollars on a new device when your iPhone 5S still works perfectly fine.

Unlocking VS Jailbreaking iPhone’s

factory unlockingiPhone 5S unlocking using jail breaking method may be complicated and costly process if you decide to do it yourself. Moreover, if something goes wrong you are left on your own; Apple will most likely deny you customer support and warranty. On the other hand, if you wish to unlock iPhone 5C or 5S in order to use it in various networks but avoiding damage your best option is factory unlock. Factory unlocking is simply an easy thing to do which that will allow you much more flexibility in how you can use your device. Another example of the benefits of unlocking is traveling abroad. You can say goodbye to International “roaming” charges with an unlocked phone. By simply getting a SIM card native to the country you’re traveling to you can avoid all roaming charges. Of course this is only if your cell phone can operate on their carrier frequencies. Now to make sure there’s no confusion, unlocking an iPhone and jailbreaking an iPhone are two different things entirely. Jailbreaking does not allow you to change your service provider, only unlocking will allow you to change providers.

The Process Of Factory Unlocking 5S Devices

The best thing about factory unlock is that is permanent, set aside safe, cost effective and it works on all iPhone models running on any firmware version. Even when Apple updates its firmware, iPhone will remain unlocked and you will be able to choose which carrier you wish to use. Also, factory unlock will not get you in any trouble with Apple, since Apple complies with it. If you are still wondering how to unlock iPhone 5S, just browse the internet and look for reputable web sites which offer secure order, full money back guarantee and 24/customer support. In order to set your iPhone free you’ll need to provide this service with your telephone model, name of the carrier and country and IMEI number. The IMEI number can easily be found on your phone, under Settings/General/About. Once you fill in web form you will receive an email with further instructions and everything will be finished in a very short time. What most people want to know is how to unlock iPhone 5S. Only recently have service providers started to offer unlocking services, but they usually come with multiple stipulations and a price. It’s often more stress inducing than it should be. Luckily there are services on the internet that can do it without you needing to meet some silly requirements and that are cheaper than actually going to your service provider. The absolute best way to unlock the iPhone 5C is called IMEI unlocking. It requires absolutely no software downloads that may contain viruses or other unwanted malware. It doesn’t require any kind of hardware tinkering or modifications that could any permanent damage to your device. There’s also no need to jailbreak your phone either. IMEI unlocking is a remote process and doesn’t require you to mess with your phone or take your phone to any kind of store and it’s completely legal to do. Anyone with a 5S or 5C iPhone should consider unlocking it for the most freedom possible.

apple-iphone-unlockedUnlocking your iPhone, will let you change your service provider without having to change your phone. This gives you the ultimate freedom to find the absolute best deals for you budget and usage, without having to sign unnecessary long term contracts. Unlocking your iPhone 5S will also give you the opportunity to squeeze a few more dollars out of it, if you decide to sell it. Typically, unlocking your iPhone 5S can increase its resale value by up to 35%, depending on its condition. Not only can you get more money for it, it’s guaranteed to sell faster. If your iPhone is locked to say, Verizon, then the only suitable buyers are existing Verizon subscribers. However if you are selling an unlocked iPhone 5S, not only could a Verizon subscriber buy it but you could sell your phone to someone internationally too.

Factory unlocking has no downsides, on the contrary you and your iPhone will only benefit from it. Firstly, you will have roaming costs no more; just switch your SIM card with another, no matter which provider it is. Furthermore, you will have 24/7 assistance and customer support and you can freely use any of Apple’s apps and services. If you decide to unlock iPhone 5S using factory unlock method you will find it most satisfactory because your telephone will work just fine, and you will have a SIM free telephone you will be able to sell at higher price if you decided to do that, with no concerns.

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